Mirana rework is here

After long hours and lots of testing, the long awaited anti-FAS Mirana rework is here!

Comes with a Lod 0, Lod 1, Facial Flexes, new animated ingame portrait, Animated Portrait card and most importantly, baby-oil shine fix for body and hair!

Scroll through the images and download at the end of the page.

mirana_rework 1

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Introduction to Dota 2 particle systems

Particles Splash


This guide will show you the way to test and put your particles in Dota 2. It is actually fairly simple but requires a lot of tinkering to get a fine result. I’d also like to point out that adding particle effect to your item does not make it epic, mythical or any other quality boost, neither it allows for lazy design. It’s also harder for Valve to implement items with custom effects, so think twice if you need one.

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CM Shapka making


First of all, i block out the basic shape and objects i want to work with. That is what front/side views are for, extremely important, as it saves you from resizing it around later, if you set the proportions first.shap_002

After some smoothing i fit it on the charachters head and export it into Zbrush along with the CM.shap_003

After that i’m doing some roughing out the shapes and try to blend everything together.shap_004

After that comes some more refining, rethinking the hair flow, adding some minor details and all that.shap_005

After using polish brush a lot, smoothing and subdividing, i add these little gold hard-edged bits.shap_006Blocking out some basic color, sampling them from various default CM textures. shap_007

And adding some polypaint shading. You can see the flat color and the material.shap_008

Afther that comes retopoing, i’m giving the most detail to the front part, that’ll be seen the most on the portrait view. I’m a bit over the limit, but that’s okay.shap_009

Imported back in Max, the hat part and the hair on the back don’t actually connect. I’ll use alphas to fake the volume of the fur.shap_010

Unwrapping is pretty basic, since i’ve got two parts, basically. I was thinking about baking them separately, but baking it together gave better results, as in, it looked more organic, and i just cleaned up the hat fringe(on the back) with the alphashap_011

First ingame test shows us that the colors are pretty dark and the hair doesn’t connect with the face. After a bunch of tests, it turned out that CM files are outdated, so i quickly decompiled her recent model and reskinned.shap_012As you can see, it fits better now.


And after that i pushed out the forms a bit, brightened the colors all around, and pushed out the top of the hat a bit.

And it’s on the workshop