Today is a good day

With todays patch we’ve got bunch of great stuff that i told you guys would come.

– Added Import Courier and Import Ward.
– Added support for animations and attachment points.
– Added Quicksave & Quickload import buttons to make it easy to redo a previous import.
– Added Centaur Warrunner, Batrider, Mirana, Keeper of the Light, Shadow Demon, and Slark to the Hero list (and
– Preview now allows you to add multiple cosmetic items onto the preview Hero.
– Preview now has a Portrait camera view.
– Preview now allows you to select a skin on models with multiple skins.
– Preview now visualizes attachment points on models that require attachments to be valid.
– Improved validation of polygon and bone count of submitted models.

This means…

That now we have almost everything we wanted! You can now test couriers and wards, so forget all that compiling!


Flying version should be a little higher.courierf

And the reference model is broken, probably because of the same bone names


We also got promised portrait view, now you can check your items in close-up, neato!


We now also can add additional wearables, but it opens mdl files, while test exporter now produces only .mdx files. While you can grab mdl from the compiled files in the beta client, it’ll still be broken (probably because it’s lacking textures).


Hope they will fix this soon.

Tool now also remembers the paths correctly


You can also test custom wards!


But it seems that the importer tool loses the textures along the way, hope this will be resolved too


And the quicksave feature is not doing anything.



All these features will actually help A LOT while compiling your presentation, testing your full sets without going around unpacking stuff, seeing how wards and couriers look ingame without wasting time on searching what’s wrong with your filename, and finally, you can see how your items look in portrait view, which is a feature i waited for a long time.

This means that you’ll have to put some extra time in bugfixing now, but the result will be worth it


Ah, also the tool still doesn’t update your submission if you’ll keep the same name and the background of the portrait is not animated.