Tools fixed

With today patch we’ve got ourselves new mighty tools that will allow you to get best presentation without leaving your Dota 2 client.

Now you can import couriers and wards via the importer tool.


Flying model now previews without the pedestal.flycouri

Reference model now appears correctly.refere

Ward importing are now fixed. As well as the quicksaving function.


Portrait view allows you to check out your items in close-up. Note that this window is scaled up in the importer tool, actual portrait view is a lot smaller, so don’t worry about some pixelation that comes from the texture resizing.


And the new feature allows you to load additional items onto your hero


Clicking on the additional wearables will now open the correct path to them.

And on top of everything else, you can now preview hitbone location. Very useful.


That’s all for this weeks patch, but keep your eyes open. We’re promised new features next week!!