• Jacob

    Hey so I just had an interesting idea for you if you wanted to do anymore rubick work in the future. I know you have probably worked with Valve before seeing as your gear has made it into the game often. Anyway my idea was, make a mask that changes based off who he steals a spell from. The mask would have a small caricature of the hero he stole from. At its base level it would just be a small picture of his face. Would that be at all possible in the DOTA 2 graphical engine? or would it require a full model swap? I really do like your work tho, looks great!

    • Vladimir_the_implyer

      Thanks mate!

      Yes, this will require full model swap (or rather texture swap), just like the tiny does when leveling up (or CM and SK die), anyway this feels like too much trouble for questionable result.

      • Jacob

        Aw man thats a bummer I thought that could be really fun! What hero you thinking about working on next?