Great Tentacular

I’m kinda tied up with some stuff to do the texturing tutorial so i’ll just drop some workflow until the stable patch is out.

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Starting out with the base mesh, good thing that wards got high poly budgetstenty

I thought that going with this kind of tentacle will look better than going with suckers, also note the back wrinkles, and some detailing near the bottom of the ward. Though you’ll probably never see this while ingame, it’s still nice to add those details in.


Sculpted and baked,testing out some flat colors. Notice the top-down gradient.


And ingame testing with some flat masks and normals that we’ve got from the baking.


After that we’re adding some additional detailing, tuning colors and masks. Note that sentry wards are not using normals and masks, it looks like a bug.


And after final colours are decided, we’re animating it and bugfixing.tidenew