Rubick model breakdown

Hey, today we’re going to put everything we figured out on the Rubick week. First, let’s look at out hero concept art.


And then his model.



As you can see, his design is pretty much untouched, with the exception of some rescaling, making ward more interesting, and better defining his silhouette and insides of his robes. Note that the shoulder pieces is tying everything together, by being high contrast by color and shape, not to mention the dangly bits. Note that the shoulders are dark on top and lighter at the bottom, thus outlining the curve.

While the color scheme for rubick is mostly dark and swampy green, there are bright gold, purply white and toxic green you can use to contrast and accentuate.


His blacks are actually dark shades of blue or purple, inner side of the shoulders is velvet violet and he’s got a bit of brown variation of gold near his feet.

While black, green and gold are his main colours, it’s possible to use some white, lime or blues. Keep in mind though, that having just three slots for items should limit you to use mostly his original colors,to avoid the confusing with other heroes, because every piece of Rubicks equipment carries signature main color.

Now let’s check out individual items.

Cape / Back slot


As you can see, his cape consists of two pieces, one on top and one underneath, popped collar and a dangly bit upfront (which puzzles me, because it looks like Rubick could very well zip himself up in this cape). Front bit also got it’s own bones, so you can always use those in case you’ll want to add some custom details there. Four-way parts of the cape make Rubicks silhouette unique and distinct in shape and in motion, combining greatly with his extensive range of animations. Each one of those part of the cape has their own bones, which is good for 4-piece structure, but will bring a lot of pain if you’re trying to do any other configuration. On the outside cape is line with white lines on front and with gold trim on the back. Top of the cape got strong poin light baked on his textures making the form more obvious. Insides of the cape are colored toxic green with some bubbles on it, to add to the Rubicks detail effect.


While texture size for this particular piece is pretty big, make sure to reuse the texture as much as you can, cape is huge and you need to make sure that it won’t look smudgy. Use less for the robe insides (you can even delete polys there to save both texture space and polycount), for the parts that’ll be obscured by the shoulderpiece and for the green insides.

His original robe is a piece of art, while simple, with enough parts to make it truly unique and work with all the animation Rubick got. This makes it a pain to not only think of any great additions to it, but also skin them, because original Rubick bones are designed with four-piece robe in mind. Also make sure to test your robe with the original shoulders to avoid something like this.



Shoulders / Shoulders slot


When you thought that Rubicks robe was great, you see this shiny bad boys and you know that they’re the best thing ever! While it looks complex, to tell the truth, their mesh is pretty simple.

Several pieces of gold-colored plates connected with painted-on leather straps and some shiny green gems and a big gold-glyphed strip going around Rubicks shoulders got some interesting details and zones of rest. Front of the shoulderpiece is animated, while the rest expands the silhouette upward. Note that the coloration is darker on top and lighter at the bottom of the plates, which accentuates the curve and adds optical illusion. While the plates seem round-edges they actually are not. This effect is achived via clever texturing, where you paint the edge with darker color, to create the illusion of round edge (use this on shields if you have limited amount of polys and want a pretty curvy shape) and cracks are breaking up the solid color and keeping the eye away from the corners.

From the Dota view though, shoulders are not creating great silhouette distinction, they’re using their distinct gold color to break up his model and add interesting details.



Staff / Weapon slot


Rubicks weapon is one of the most unique weapons in Dota2, mostly, because of the badass particle effect that perfectly illustrates the concept.

With the particle effect being the center of attention, the ward itself could be very simple, it should only fit Rubicks eccentric style and allows for some fun cosmetics. While the original effect is awesome and has many uses, i’m sure Valve will add some more custom particles for exceptional wards. So with the particles being the focal point of the weapon, it’s pretty logical to move most of your polys and texture to the top of the staff, leaving the bottom part for the backlighting and natural shine. Keep in mind thought, that strong wrap is applied to the original staff only, so don’t bet on it. Also, another thing to remember is that the particle effect is on top of the default staff, so if you want it to interact with your custom ward you should probably make it a little longer.