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Patch is coming

While we’re waiting for another patch that will add testmap functionality. You can leave your bug reports on this thread

I dropped my thoughts on this particular importer feature on Polycount, but i guess i’ll paste it here.

“The feature VERY rushed and it would’ve been better to add some fuctions we really need instead of putting together this mode that effectively ruined the rest of the uploading process. They’ll have to fix a bunch of stuff, but most of it can be fixed via default lobby setup controls, like filling the server with bots, adding cheats, removing the hero selection, maybe adding a small menu for your workshop needs.

Not to mention that this is the presentation method we need least, because there’s already Dota view preview mode and getting stuff “ingame” will probably result in people getting as close shot as they can, which removes the point.

Funny that instead of some usefull feature (or at least polishing goddamn existing model preview and combining it with the capture tool) we’ll be getting tons of fixes for this server mode for a couple of patches. Good thing that most of them are fixed through tweaking the server options.
Now they’ll have to figure out how to replace the ultimates and spells”

With the patch moved day later it’s possible they’ll fix the crashing of the importer before it gets to the main client.

On the unrelated note, you can grab some tips on the zbrush brushes and their mudbox counterparts HERE

And great insights on the desigining of the female armor HERE

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