Zbrush Rendering

Tried something new and rendered it in zbrush, it gives bunch of nice masks and you can bake the lighting and materials and on and on.

Might as well share the wisdom.
First of all, you import the hero model you decompiled/got in the archive.
001Then you import/merge your items and they should stick if you skinned em.
Then you import the animation file that you can decompile, or you can pose the guy yourself.
After that, you offset the uv maps for every item. One to the left, one to the right, one to the top and so on.
Then you attach everything together, select the UV map and fit it into the default size and export it without the bones.

Now we need to combine the textures for every item on one sheet and save it separately.
Load up the Zbrush and import our hero.
Now assign the texture to him (you may want to flip it vertically)
After that you may want to subdivide him a couple of times without smoothing and then a couple of times with smoothing On.
Now you can either fix something right in Zbrush, create polypaint from texture to add some adjustment or start rendering right away.
Zbrush gives you bunch of settings and works very smooth, i’ll definitely try it some more. There’s also bunch of tutorials about it.

  • noname

    Do you know how to create a point light Map ?