Omnimaster Healing Ward bonus

I also tried recording some video, but Camtasia said nope.

Mid sculpting. I had a hard time finding some solid owl sculptures and every asian culture seems to favor dragon, lions and demonic dogsies, so i kinda tried combining chinese sculpting setails, while keeping it not overdetailed.

After some sculpting i ditched the branch and the pedestal and decided that orb will be more fitting. Also basic polypainting with the solid color and some shadows. I’m going for Kurr-Ishimanari styled ward.

After the retopo i did this quick and awesome guide for Ike:

First ingame test, the pedestal is back, now round. Solid colors and too much contrast.

Because owl seemed huge i checked the sizes and it looks even smaller than Kurr-Ishimanari!

in order to try and balance things out i borrowed the flagpole and it seemed to even out composition and the size.

Not happy with the flagpole i’m boxing out some withered tree. Leaves were ditched later. Healing ward gots crazy polylimit of 2400, which allows me to use more geometry, but be more conservative on the texture.

First tree test seems lacking something, we figured out that we need to break the flow.

Changing the shape of the tree a bit and copy-pasting the branch saved me from resculpting and retopoing while keeping the silhouette interesting. Also added some MAGIC.

After the investigation, turned out that Kuur-Ishimanari ward is REALLY dark which prevents it from overbrightening. After toning down the color, adding topdown gradient and adding focal points with red and glowing eyes (MORE MAGIC to go with the aura effect) the texture is done. Pedestal is cracked and worn down, but it’s hard to see. Should’ve added more wear to it with bigger cracks and crumbled edges.

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