Mirana rework is here

After long hours and lots of testing, the long awaited anti-FAS Mirana rework is here!

Comes with a Lod 0, Lod 1, Facial Flexes, new animated ingame portrait, Animated Portrait card and most importantly, baby-oil shine fix for body and hair!

Scroll through the images and download at the end of the page.

mirana_rework 1

mirana_rework 2 mirana_rework 3

Better than catnip Mirana Hair mirana_rework 4 mirana_rework 5 mirana_rework 6 mirana_rework 7 mirana_rework 8 mirana_rework 9 mirana_rework 10 mirana_rework 11

To install simply put the dota out of the archive into your steam/steamapps/common/dota 2 beta/.. folder and agree to replace anyfiles he wants to replace (PROTIP: it won’t replace anything).

Installing mirana pack 1 Installing mirana pack 2

After that just right-click on your Dota 2 in Steam library and press the “Launch properties” button, type in -override_vpk. Rund Dota 2 and enjoy!



There’s also something extra special for purists, just a shine fix for the default model! Grab it here:



  • MadH4tter

    hello hatemachine! well maybe this isn’t the right place to ask you for this, but i spend all the day trying to get information >< but before asking anything… wow your work is just impressive! i'll see that introduction to particles right now! 😛

    i'm thinking about start to make sets for DotA 2 an put them on the workshop, but i really don't know very well how it works, i saw a lot of awesome stuff accepted there but none of them on the store, if u know, can u answer me? i just want to know how many time steam take to release your skin, where it will be avyable to buy and price (coz watchin' the store didn't saw any information of the creators of the skins in sale)

    thanks for everything! and have a good day!

  • I love Mirana, is an awesome lady hero 🙂 I play with her at least 2 time per day, here is my steam

  • Dmitry Osokin

    Hello, I really like the job you did, looks much better, than Valve’s. Could you please update it for Reborn? Because I have spent 2 days trying to add this into game, but it didn’t work =(((