Garb of Narensii: Behind the Scenes

Here’s a little peek behind the scenes of making of the Garb of Narensii

Narensii WIP

First hair blockout

Ember Spirit Narensii 1

the weapon base

Ember Spirit Narensii 2

offhand base

Ember Spirit Narensii 3

first set blockout

Ember Spirit Narensii 4

weapon bases imported into Zbrush

Ember Spirit Narensii 5

Finished weapon highpoly and polypaint. Golden matcap to show off the surface detailing.

Ember Spirit Narensii 6

Finished offhand highpoly and polypaint. Golden matcap to show off the surface detailing.

Ember Spirit Narensii 7

Belt base impoted into Zbrush

Ember Spirit Narensii 8

Belt high-poly detailingEmber Spirit Narensii 9Belt polypainting. The skirt ornament is not painted in.

Ember Spirit Narensii 10Shoulder trim base.

Ember Spirit Narensii 11Breaking the shoulder symmetry. Blocking out the cloth.

Ember Spirit Narensii 12

Adding the scarve and breaking up the shoulder thingie.

Ember Spirit Narensii 13

Finished polypaint. Tassels are not in, sicne they’re baked separately.

Ember Spirit Narensii 14

Hair variations. The Knot, The Nickelback, The Douche, The FuckMyShitUp, The Semi-Final and The Zeus.

Ember Spirit Narensii 15

Bonus pirate hat.

Ember Spirit Narensii 16

Final hair is the combination of 1 and 5.

Ember Spirit Narensii 17Finished hair detailing and polypaint.

Ember Spirit Narensii 18Finished armguard detailing and polypaint. Golden matcap to show off surface detailing.

Ember Spirit Narensii 19

First hair ingame test.Ember Spirit Narensii 20

First ingame belt test.Ember Spirit Narensii 21

First shoulder ingame test. Each tassel is a separate object.Ember Spirit Narensii 22

First offhand ingame test. It’s too small and fire particles are out of control!Ember Spirit Narensii 23

Some tweaks later it’s more fitting, but fire particles are rampant.Ember Spirit Narensii 24

Some more tests to show off the specular.Ember Spirit Narensii 25

Main weapon tests.Ember Spirit Narensii 26

Tassel alpha test. We decided that separate belt tassels are more in line with the shoulder and make two pieces click.Ember Spirit Narensii 27

Some ingame tests. The detail map is sort of broken and just fullbright and not animated. The portrait is hella sexy though.Ember Spirit Narensii 28

Night shots.Ember Spirit Narensii 29

Some tassel adjustment. The specular is also adjusted for maximum shine.Ember Spirit Narensii 30

And the promotional art progress by the greatest MugenMcFugen

Narensii Art 1Narensii Art 2Narensii Art 3Narensii Art 4 Narensii Art 5  Narensii Art 6

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Garb of Narensii Posing