Short Sword Wrap Creation Guide

Today we’re going to take a look at how you can create a grip wrap clean and easy.

Handle Wrap

We’ll start with our grip shape. First of all, think how your wrap will go around.

Sword Grip 1

Using the Slice curve brush create polygroups that will go with the form of your wrap. You can hide a Polygroup with clicking on it while holding Ctrl+Shift.Sword Grip 2

Using the Panel Loops tool create panels from your polygroups and smooth them out just a bit, to get those hard edges and sticking part in.Sword Grip 3

Looks pretty good, but we’re going to take it further. Using “Auto Groups” regroup your groups and now every piece is one group, not 4. Now you can edit each piece individually.Sword Grip 4And here’s another look without the Polyframe. Sword Grip 5

Now by masking one polygroup and inverting the mask, you can edit each part and make them go over each other a bit.Sword Grip 6Now using the number of brushes and some touching up, you can add more detailing and wrinkles.Sword Grip 7It’s a very clean and easy way, and every piece being it’s own polygroup really makes it easy to edit and paint.