Polypaint brushes and Matcaps

Polypaint brushes

Here’s a vid explaining how everything works.

Inside the archive you’ll find 4 brush presets:

PP_base for hard, solid covering and almost no blending;

PP_cavity for painting your valleys and cavities with some bleeding to the midtones;

PP_layer for your everyday polypaint needs, we great blending and buildup;

PP_sponge for painting on your edges and peaks with a moderate bleeding to the midtones.

Polypaint brushes explained

Keep in mind that sponge and cavity brushes won’t work properly on a model without subdivision levels, i guess it’s something to do with the automasking.


And as a bonus, here’s some MatCaps i’ve been working on.


As always, i’m always looking to improve the tools i’m working with, so if you have any suggestions, leave a comment or shoot me a message at workshophatemachine(at)gmail.com