Quick guide on using Dota 2 masks for a Sketchfab import

Dota 2 Item Set: Lord of Decay
by vermilionwlad
on Sketchfab

With the Sketchfab support arriving to the Steam Workshop, here’s a quick guide on how to upload your model properly and use the masks that you’ve created for your Dota 2 item to get the best result out of your Sketchfab export.

First of all, you need to get all your items and your hero posed and in one scene:


Next make sure each one of your items and hero have a separate material. This is important!sketchfab_02

Export objects only, prefereably as .fbx, but there’s also a number of direct exporters straight to Sketchfab!


After you’ve registered at Sketchfab click on the upload button and select your model:


After the upload is complete you’ll be prompted to enter the name, description and tags for your model.

PROTIP: Remember to use the steamworkshop and dota2 tags!


After it’s done, press continue

And navigate into 3D settings, either via a big prompt or the settings menusketchfab_06

Turn your renderer to PBR and navigate to the materials tab


Material tab will have all the materials you’ve set up in the scene conviniently sorted in a drop-down list.


Let’s get over the masks now:


PROTIP: You can you can drag and drop textures directly to channels/slots for maximum efficiency.

Dota 2 already conveniently breaks down your Source 1 styled mask into separate files, so we can just use them almost straight outta the import folder.

For the BASE COLOR we’ll use the DIFFUSE map we did for our Dota item.

For METALNESS we’ll use our mask1_metalnessmask. Though it’s msot likely that you’ll have to blow up the value on those, since Dota metalness is darkening the diffuse a lot more that PBR.

For SPECULAR F0 we’ll use mask2_specmask.

For ROUGHNESS we’ll use inverted mask2_specexp.

For NORMAL we’ll obiously our normal map that we’ve made for our Dota 2 item. Don’t forget to check Invert Y!

For AMBIENT OCCLUSION we’ll use mask2_rimmask and check Occlude specular.

For TRANSPARENCY you can use either you color alpha or color_s2_trans, sicne it’s the same thing. Set Transparency mode to Alpha Masking to replicate Dota transparency.

For EMISSION we’ll use colored mask1_selfillummask. If you won’t color it everything will just glow white.

And for FACES RENDERING you might want to switch to Single Sided, since that’s how Dota does it.


And that’s it!

You can now navigat into the Lighting tab to set up your enviroment and ligthing sources (up to 3!) and add some psot processing effect in the Scene tab.

Don’t forget to Save View, and then Save Settings!


After you’ve save setting you can exit 3D settings and proceed to Publish your model! sketchfab_12

Now on your workshop submission page press Add/edit images & videos link


And copypaste the link to your Sketchfab model into the text box and press Attach Sketchfab Model.