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New patch hits the main client

And with it we’ve got some new, promising features.

Now we have nice and clen submission list, with the ability to sort by Title, Creation Date, Last Update Date and by Hero. This is very usefull for folks like me, who’s got more submissions than you can think of!


Second of all, abilities and summons now have their own submission dialogue (only works for Beastmasters boar for now)008

Workshop is turned off in the test client completely, so it’s only use now is for testing items ingame.009

ViewExisting Model mode is still useless.  010

Also, minor thnig nobody bothered to mention. Particle effects are now showing correctly in mostl of cases (Arcana Lina is still bald)


And make sure to check out new Lich, Lycan and Centaur sets in the Store!

There are (partly) new ingame models for the dropped items. I love the Rapier.

Also, check out new Razor set i finished:


Current Watcher


In case you missed new, delicious hero concepts, you can find them here.

And this

Test patch is here!

Today, with all the new and fancy title music we’ve got a little update on the workshop importer.

First of all we’ve got “Force Anim Cycle” function, which is VERY usefull for those shaky heroes like Batrider or Rubick. Now you can do cool poses and screenshot away!


Second of all, we’re getting new and existing feature that is pretty useless right now. Preview Existing model!


This one allows you to load any model you already compiled into the preview window, but right now it need some redoing because it loads only your model and nothing else.

Also, it hijacks your textboxes!feat_003

Hope they’ll get around to fix it soon!

Patch is out!

Rubick got a head slot. Have a spooky picture

Portrait view is now square and you can rotate the model in there


Importer tool now features “Portrait view editor”!

And you can save your portrait settings!

Overall courier and ward importer window now showing everything slightly scaled down, but i guess that’s temporary.




Workshops web interface got some improvements as well


And day/night view will now preview your high res model, with the option to turn low res model